About Us

OrlaniJobs is the #1 job site in the West Africa, offering a complete range of end-to-end employment solutions and career planning tools. Founded in 2016, OrlaniJobs is fully functional in English and offers the fastest, easiest, most effective and cost-efficient methods for employers to find quality candidates, and for job seekers to find top jobs, in West Africa.
Committed to the Region
OrlaniJobs is firmly committed to the region and has an excellent and thorough understanding of West Africa recruitment market and business landscape. This evidenced by OrlaniJobs 's fully trilingual recruitment platform, which is the first and only such platform in the region, It is also evidenced by OrlaniJobs's leading track record of continued success serving the region's jobseekers and employers in finding top jobs and top talent respectively. With over 29,400,000 professionals and over 40,000 leading organizations using OrlaniJobs's recruitment platform across all industry categories and career levels, OrlaniJobs is today the single largest marketplace of professionals and companies in the region.
To be an institution that is a globally recognized, respected and admired indispensable extension of people's lives.
Lifestyle Engineering: To empower people with the tools and knowledge to build their lifestyles of choice.


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